There are several challenges faced when dealing with the rail sector: 

  • the renewal of rolling stock taking into account technological developments, 
  • the digital revolution and the prospect of driverless trains, 
  • the opening up of competition.    

Not to mention the projects to make transport more fluid in the city with the development of trams and other inner-city projects.

To meet the safety requirements of infrastructure and rolling stock, Texprotec Group offers a multitude of protection solutions against chemicals, electromagnetic interference, shock and vibration, heat and rodents. 

Our products are evolving and adapting to the new standards of the railway.



These flexible, braided power connections are made on demand based on your size, finish and flexibility constraints. They can be made of copper or tinned copper.    
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The SW-G sheath was designed to protect cables from rodent attack. This self-sealing sheath is a very effective, eco-friendly solution made of fiberglass. When a rodent nibbles on the sheath, it breaks into fine particles […]
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The TISAFLEX FR is a flexible and expandable sheath which offers an efficient and aesthetic solution when the risk of fire or smoke have to be vigorously controlled. It is particularly recommended for railway construction […]
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The TWIST SW-FRHL3 sheath combines ease of installation with its self-sealing system and flame retardant treatment. This sheath has been specially designed for the rail industry and meets the required standards.
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