Innovation is at the heart of Texprotec’s culture

01Who we are ?

An international company based in France, Texprotec produces cable and duct protection sheaths, as well as conduction braids.

Through our various companies and the handing down of know-how over six generations, Texprotec has acquired a wide expertise in the techniques of braiding, weaving and knitting textile and metal yarns.

A visionary company, Texprotec pursues an aggressive innovation policy and has positioned itself in such niche markets as the automotive, aerospace, rail, electronics, medical and military sectors.

Texprotec Group
Texprotec Group

02Technical solutions specific :
protection and conduction  

You need to protect cables or pipes, to secure your equipment and increase its lifespan? 
We develop technical solutions compliant with rail, automotive and aeronautical transport standards.

  • to protect against mechanical stresses, friction and vibration and avoid all wear and tear
  • to conserve thermal properties
  • to protect against electromagnetic nuisances
  • to facilitate installation in restricted spaces
  • to protect operators in the event of a failure
  • to withstand extreme temperatures
  • to ensure electrical continuity and earthing

We make bare or tinned copper braids for electrical continuity or for earthing connections, called mass braids or shunts. Round, flat, twisted or insulated, they are used in all sectors of activity.



Areas of expertise
Areas of expertise

03A specific product range
for electromobility

Faced with the exponential development of mobility, the group Texprotec has developed a brand called Emiprotec.

Emiprotec is a range of braided sheaths with electromagnetic shielding, described as peripheral.

Emiprotec’s sheaths not only manage to protect the passengers in vehicles with large interference emissions, but also assure the smooth operation of the more sensitive electronic devices of the vehicle (such as the sat nav, the radio, electronic systemes, sensors).

With this specific range, Texprotec demonstrates its unique savoir-faire and its innovation strategy in the technological field of shielding in electromagnetic areas, as well as its capacity to develop solutions adapted to the needs of manufacturers and equipment suppliers.

Emiprotec product range
Emiprotec product range

04Our four production plants

LEJEUNE (Pontgouin – 28) has been manufacturing and marketing conductive braid and thermoplastic polymer, mechanical protection sheaths for the reinforcement, shielding and protection of cables and pipes.
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Tresse Industrie
TRESSE INDUSTRIE (AMBERT – 63) specialises in the manufacture of protective braids for technical use. With more than 100 years of know-how, Tresse Industrie focuses on quality and the research and development of new products.
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ELECTRO-SHUNT (Bazeilles – 08) has been manufacturing and selling flexible connections, braids and cables. The company works mainly in copper and can produce small, medium and large series.
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Texprotec de Mexico
TEXPROTEC DE MEXICO (Léon – Guanajuato) was created in 2018 from the joint venture between Texprotec (France) and Grupo Léon (Mexico). Two family-owned companies with the ambition of developing technical products for the automotive and aeronautics markets in North America.  
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In pursuit of industrial excellence, the Texprotec group invests and is highly committed to its certification policy.
Whether it be certification in the fields of environment or management, in the sectors of automotive aeronautical, etc.


Our commitments

From the selection of raw materials, to production and delivery of our products, the group strives to guarantee the quality of its products and services.

The production of Texprotec solutions meets all the quality criteria set by the certification bodies. Our production sites are all certified, at minimum, to ISO 9001 standard.