The Texprotec group offers complementary solutions for technical cable protection sheaths and conduction braids. A visionary group, which innovates and develops high-tech products adapted to technological developments.

Anticipation and innovation at the heart of the Texprotec group

An in-house test laboratory, a strong R&D effort to:

  • guarantee the quality of its products
  • co-develop tailor-made solutions
  • anticipate tomorrow's needs

The Texprotec group is expanding internationally with a recent branch opening in Mexico. Its ambition is to become the European leader in electromagnetic shielding solutions for the electric mobility market. It brings together 4 production units guaranteeing complementarity and reactivity.


Texprotec, a visionary group

Our brands

This brand includes a range of products specifically designed for hybrid or electric vehicles.

With the products offered, manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and integrators will find suitable and tailor-made solutions to protect wiring and electrical connections from electromagnetic waves and interference.

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Since 1946, the company has been manufacturing conductive braids and mechanical protection sleeves. It also carries out overbraiding on harnesses for civil and military aircraft. It is constantly improving its technological performance to meet the increasingly stringent standards of its markets.

It also manufactures bundling strings for cable harnesses that meet the various operating constraints

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The company manufactures and markets flexible connections, braids and metal cables mainly made of copper and produced in small, medium and large series.

With an international presence, it is mainly active in the rail, automotive, armaments and aeronautics markets.

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The company has more than 100 years of know-how in braiding, weaving and knitting techniques. It is specialized in the production of protective sheaths for technical use with quality, research and innovation consistently at the heart of their operations.

Their products have protection features that are unmatched in the electric mobility markets, developed from combining metal and textiles, requiring specific expertise

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