Texprotec Group

An international company based in France, the Texprotec Group produces cable and duct protection sheaths, as well as conduction braids. 

Through our various companies and the handing down of know-how over six generations, Texprotec has acquired a wide expertise in the techniques of braiding, weaving and knitting textile and metal yarns.


Creation of the founding company by Jacques & Marguerite Omerin at the Pont de Chantemerle (Job)


Renamed Tresse Industrie by Gabriel Omerin
and installation in Ambert


Handover of Tresse Industrie to Pierre Omerin
(Gabriel’s son)


Acquisition of Electro Shunt and the creation of Texprotec


Acquisition of SAS Lejeune


Creation of Texprotec de Mexico


Creation of the Emiprotec range for electromobility

01In a few figures

4 sites in France and Mexico

5% of the annual turnover reinvested in research and development

1,200 machines

60% of the turnover  made from exports

Around 140 employees across all companies

Our values


We invent and develop solutions, such as powerful electromagnetic shielding adapted to electric mobility.


With our foresight and enthusiasm, we strive to identify the needs of future technologies. 


At Texprotec, we have a passion for our work and have been sharing our skills and know-how for generations in a group with a human face.


We select our raw materials carefully, and care about the quality of our manufactures. We continue improving thanks to our policy of continuous development.


Our ancestors made laces for clothing, now our products are used in airplanes, cars and even rockets.


Riding a bike, over a good meal, or in our workshops, it is important to us to put the well-being of the people working within the group at the centre of our concerns.

03Expertise and know-how
of Texprotec Group

Texprotec Group consists of several production sites, each with one or more areas of expertise, forming Texprotec’s knowledge base.
The group has built up over the years by developing or integrating companies that are expert in their fields.
This intertwining of expertise provides protection or conduction solutions for many strategic areas of activity.

04Our missions

The group provides solutions for all support functions. In particular, we invest in the search for technical solutions that meet the constraints of new technologies. Our research and development department and our integrated testing laboratory provide customers with responsiveness and efficiency in the co-development of tailored solutions.

From the selection of raw materials, to production and delivery, Texprotec strives to ensure the quality of its products and services.
The production of the Group’s solutions meets all the quality criteria set by the certification bodies. Our production sites are all certified, at minimum, to ISO 9001 standard.