The automotive sector, specifically electric and hybrid cars, has technical challenges served by the Texprotec Group.  

Protecting equipment and people from electromagnetic waves released into the interior of a vehicle is an exciting challenge, an area in which the company is highly involved in the development of innovative and efficient solutions.   

Our solutions address the challenges of tomorrow’s automobiles: high flexibility, unrivalled electromagnetic shielding, resistance to wear and abrasion, etc.  

Our design office and integrated laboratory guarantee a quality and responsiveness to accompany you in all phases of development of a solution to meet your needs and constraints.   

Electromagnetic shielding

Flexible sheaths adapted to smaller spaces, providing protection against electromagnetic waves and wear.
Self-sealing solutions, earthing or conduction shunts ensuring a homogeneous and controlled flow of energy.    



The TISAGUARD PR 825 sheath provides unparalleled protection from friction generated by the vibrations of a moving vehicle, for pipes and hoses.
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The TISAFLEX EMI-PHY shielding sheath was invented and patented to protect humans and electronic equipment against electromagnetic waves emitted by power cables in hybrid and electric vehicles. It offers excellent resistance to abrasion both inside […]
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The TISAWIST SWP sheath is a self-wrapping protective sheath. It is particularly suitable for quick and easy installation on components or cables already in use. It offers high protection against abrasion and covers a wide […]
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Flat or round, the Tresse de Masse is made of copper or tinned copper. It is used for the chassis’ link or for the earth. The thinner the threads used, the more flexible the braid […]
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