Aeronautics is a growing sector, facing significant developments and ready to meet various challenges:

  • the renewal of its aging fleet 
  • the growth in research and development projects
  • the increase in energy and environmental issues 
  • the arrival of new competitors in the market 

Expert in the field of the protection and assembly of cable bundles, we work closely with the main civil and military aircraft and aircraft equipment manufacturers.    

We have a unique know-how in the manufacture of cargo braid or lacing

Cargo braid is an electrical cable management technique that involves using a braid to tie a bundle of cables together. 

Flat fretting strings are made from a wide variety of materials, including nylon, polyester, Teflon or fiberglass. We also perform over-braiding for civilian or military aircraft, as well as custom coiling for our customers’ over-braiding machines.



The FISHNET sheath is a net that facilitates the management of cable bundles. This solution can replace the lacing technique. Its lightweight design meets weight-saving constraints and it complies with the UL 94V0 aviation standard […]
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GAINE NOMEX 4000 has the distinction of resisting extreme temperatures ranging from -600C to +2400C. Cables or pipes can be insulated and to withstand harsh environments when used in the fields of aeronautics or in military […]
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The MEGAMIDE sheath is mainly used in scientific, electronic, electrical, radio, television, aeronautics and marine equipment. This solution is mainly suitable for the protection of long-distance wiring, subject to mechanical stresses and heat.
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This braid Nylon is part of the MEGAFRETTE range. It is used to assemble and retain electrical wiring wires. It is specifically designed to guarantee a high resistance to high temperatures. It fulfils all the […]
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