Originally, family owned business from 19th century, SAS-TRESSE INDUSTRIE was created in 1974 by Gabriel Omerin, father of the present manager Pierre Omerin. The company moved in 70’s/80’s to textiles for technical uses, mainly used in industry, such as protective sleeves and braided conductors.

It also develops and produces items related to outdoor leisure (paragliding, parachuting, fishing lines and kite) and has recently developed products used in the medical area.

Export represents over 50% of sales.

TRESSE INDUSTRIE is certified ISO 14001 since 2002, ISO 9001 since 2003, ISO/TS16949 (automotive) since 2004 and ISO 13485 (medical) since 2008 TRESSE INDUSTRIE


Main product : 

  • EMI shielding
  • Expandable braided sleeving
  • Lacing tapes
  • Desolder braid
  • Leisure activities
  • Metallic braids
  • Special braiding

Localisation:Ambert (63) France
Contact:+33 4 73 82 45 75