ELECTRO SHUNT was founded in 1947 in Paris. It soon specialized in the manufacture of braids and metal cables for flexible connections. Then in 1960, she moved to the Ardennes and develops its own flexible connections.
Since, the company carry on improving its technology to offer to customers the result of his experience in the most diverse activities (Railway, Automobile, Aerospace, Electrical, Mechanical Industry, etc …)

Electro-Shunt Industrie is certified ISO 9001.


Main products :

  • Copper wire stranded rope
  • Tubular braided sleeve
  • Knitted copper mesh
  • Flat bonding leads
  • Round bonding leads
  • Flat copper braids
  • Rope copper braids
  • PVC insulated braids

Localisation:Bazeilles (08) France
Contact:+33 3 24 27 07 34